With abundant benefits and a world of opportunities at your fingertips, we go that extra mile to make working at CareerBuilder a means to enhance — or even redefine — your career path, enrich your personal life, and give back to the community.

Start your own business

Budding entrepreneurs from our offices around the world can compete in our annual Ideas from Everywhere competition and win $60,000 to run a new line of business.

Join our Top Performers Trip

CareerBuilder awards top performers in both sales and non-sales with fabulous all-expense-paid, five-star, fun- and adventure-filled vacations in places like Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas and Mauritius.

Never Stop Learning

CareerBuilder provides up to $5,000 per year toward a bachelor's degree or certification and up to $10,000 per year for an MBA , no strings attached!

Balance out life and work

With flexible work arrangements and $400 USD toward wellness benefits that cover things like gym memberships, bicycles and home equipment, we help our employees enjoy plenty of quality time outside of work and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also make sure employees are covered for every major life change with adoption, fertility, and domestic partner benefits — and much more.

Pay it forward

Whether it's one of CareerBuilder's sponsored charities or a special cause close to your heart, we encourage you to get involved. So, much, in fact, that we even give you paid time off to do it.

Take care of yourself

Enjoy CareerBuilder's low-cost but comprehensive medical, dental & vision program coverage – and take the worry out of health care for you and your family.

Plan ahead

With a strong employer match and the opportunity to be fully vested after two years, our 401(k) program makes it easy for our employees to invest in their future.

Work Culture

There's a reason why we've been named among the best places to work and launch careers by BusinessWeek, Chicago Magazine, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and others.

We tell it like it is. We care about your growth. We give you the freedom to win.

CareerBuilder's diverse work culture spans countries across the globe, providing an eclectic mix of perspectives. Ours is a culture of learning, where candor goes hand in hand with encouragement. We surround you with people from whom you can learn, and we expect each employee to pass knowledge on to their peers (or their leaders).

"Status quo" isn't in our vocabulary, and neither is "process." We move quickly. We're not afraid to take risks. We empower employees to make decisions and own their accomplishments.

We do things differently around here. And we're pretty proud of that.

Education - Growth Through Learning

When you grow, we grow.

When you grow, we grow. CareerBuilder offers employees up to $5,000 per year toward a bachelor's degree, graduate degree, or certification and up to $10,000 per year for an MBA or MIS. With CareerBuilder's support, over 300 employees have received their MBA or another degree.


We'll bring the classroom to you.

Eligible employees are able to take leadership classes taught at our headquarters by professors from the University of Chicago, Northwestern University and other esteemed institutions. At CareerBuilder, it's easy to explore new concepts, find different business angles, and take your next step toward becoming a leader in the company.

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At CareerBuilder, "business as usual" is, well, anything but usual. We believe in trusting our employees to own their role, dream up opportunities that excite them, and take on challenges that intrigue them. Fast-paced and high-energy, CareerBuilder is a place where ideas quickly become reality and futures are created. Here, you not only make a living — you make a mark.

As the leader in human capital solutions with a presence in 55 countries, we help to change lives and build businesses around the world. We hire passionate people who want to make a difference and empower them through continued learning. Employees are invested in, rewarded and promoted for their efforts.

Beyond competitive salaries and some of the best health and financial benefits out there, we believe in having a life outside of work. Flexible work arrangements, education reimbursement, and half-day Fridays in the summer are just some of the perks our employees enjoy. At CareerBuilder, innovation, recognition and camaraderie aren't just corporate jargon; they're a way of life.

Be inspired. Inspire others. Apply today.

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